Imlie 7 September 2023 Episode Written Update

Imlie 7 September 2023 Episode Written Update

Imlie 7 September 2023 Episode Written Update

Here is the written update for Imlie 7 September 2023 Episode Written Update:

Imlie notices some suspicious men and asks them to stop. The men run away. The camp people notice that their jewelry and money are missing. Imlie notices that Kairi and Choti Imlie are missing and informs Atharva. Kairi is seen holding Choti Imlie and the crowd is running around. Imlie runs towards her. Anu kidnaps Kairi and Choti Imlie and thinks she will separate them from Imlie and then kill Imlie. Kairi notices Imlie and calls her. Anu shuts Kairi’s mouth and threatens to kill Choti Imlie if she opens her mouth. Kairi pleads not to harm her baby sister. Imlie searches for them.

Anu gets into a truck, bribes the truck driver, and drives away from there. Imlie falls down and injures herself. She runs behind the truck. Atharva returns to the camp and learns about Anu kidnapping his children. He determines to get his children back. Anu reaches an NGO where Imlie had sent her earlier and thinks she will give the girls there.

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Imlie follows the truck and reaches the NGO. She sees Anu handing over Kairi and Choti Imlie to the NGO. Imlie confronts Anu and asks her why she kidnapped her children. Anu tells Imlie that she will never let Imlie be happy with her children. She also tells Imlie that she will kill her children if she ever tries to come near them again.

Imlie is shocked and heartbroken. She doesn’t know what to do. She decides to go to the police, but she knows that the police will not be able to help her. She decides to take matters into her own hands. She vows to get her children back, no matter what it takes.

The episode ends with Imlie determined to get her children back.

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