Imlie 29 August 2023 Episode Written Update

Imlie 29 August 2023 Episode Written Update

Imlie 29 August 2023 Episode Written Update

Here is the written update for Imlie 29 August 2023 Episode:

The episode begins with Imlie and Aryan tracking down the location of the baby racket. They reach a warehouse and find their baby there. Anu is also present at the warehouse.

Imlie and Aryan confront Anu and demand their baby back. Anu refuses to give the baby back and tells them that she will sell the baby to the highest bidder.

Imlie and Aryan are shocked and angry. They try to take the baby from Anu, but she is too strong.

Suddenly, the police arrive at the warehouse. They have been tracking Anu for a while and have finally found her.

Anu is arrested and the baby is returned to Imlie and Aryan. They are overjoyed to be reunited with their baby.

The police thank Imlie and Aryan for their help in catching Anu. They say that Anu has been involved in many baby rackets and that she is a dangerous criminal.

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Imlie and Aryan are relieved that Anu is finally behind bars. They are also grateful to the police for their help.

The episode ends with Imlie and Aryan taking their baby home. They are happy to be a family again.

Here are some additional details from the episode:

  • Imlie and Aryan find out about the baby racket from a beggar. The beggar tells them that he saw a man selling a baby to a woman.
  • Imlie and Aryan track down the man and the woman. They find out that the woman is Anu.
  • Anu is a wealthy businesswoman who is involved in many illegal activities. She is also the mother of Aditya’s ex-wife, Malini.
  • Anu is arrested and charged with kidnapping and child trafficking. She is also facing other charges, including money laundering and fraud.
  • Imlie and Aryan are hailed as heroes for helping to catch Anu. They are also praised by the police for their bravery and determination.

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