Imlie 16th August 2023 Episode Written Update

Here is the written update for the 16th August 2023 episode of Imlie:

Sure, here is the written update for the 16th August 2023 episode of Imlie:

The episode starts with Imlie and Atharva stepping down the stairs. Imlie slips and falls down on her stomach. The family rushes to her and Anu yells at the servants to prepare coffee for her.

Imlie is taken to the doctor, who says that she is fine but she will have to take it easy for a few days. Anu is furious and blames Imlie for falling down. She tells Harish that Imlie is not fit to be a mother and that she should be sent away.

Harish is upset but he doesn’t want to upset Anu. He tells Imlie that she will have to stay in her room for a few days. Imlie is disappointed but she agrees.

Anu goes to Imlie’s room and taunts her. She tells Imlie that she is a burden on the family and that she should leave. Imlie is hurt but she doesn’t say anything.

Later, Aryan comes to Imlie’s room. He tells her that he knows Anu is wrong and that she should not listen to her. He also tells her that he will always be there for her. Imlie is grateful to Aryan for his support.

Imlie 16th August 2023 Episode Written Update

The next day, Imlie is discharged from the hospital. She goes home and is greeted by the family. Anu is still angry with Imlie but she pretends to be nice in front of everyone.

Imlie is determined to prove herself to Anu and the family. She starts doing all the household chores and taking care of Atharva. Anu is surprised to see Imlie’s dedication and she starts to soften her stance towards her.

One day, Imlie is cooking in the kitchen when she gets a call from her doctor. The doctor tells her that she is pregnant. Imlie is overjoyed and she shares the news with Aryan. Aryan is also happy for Imlie and he promises to support her.

Anu overhears Imlie’s conversation and she is furious. She confronts Imlie and tells her that she will not allow her to have the baby. Imlie is shocked but she stands her ground. She tells Anu that she will not give up her baby and that she will fight for her right to be a mother.

The episode ends with Imlie and Anu in a standoff. It remains to be seen who will win the battle for the baby.

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