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Imlie 16 September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 16 September 2023 Written Update

Here is the written update for Imlie 16 September 2023 Written Update:

The episode starts with Imlie reaching Chaudry Sweet’s to participate in the super chef competition. She is stopped by the manager who tells her that she is not eligible to participate as she is illiterate. Imlie argues that the competition is about cooking and not studies. She also tells him that she has prepared a lot of prasad for the temple poojari. However, the manager is not impressed and tells her that he wants people to buy Chaudry Sweet’s sweets in pounds, not eat them for free.

Imlie is disappointed but does not give up. She convinces Jugs to request Agastya to give her a chance. Agastya is initially reluctant, but he eventually agrees to give her a hearing.

Imlie enters Agastya’s cabin and introduces herself. She tells him that she has magic in her hands and that she deserves a chance to participate in the competition. Agastya is not convinced, but he agrees to give her a task to complete.

Imlie is given a task to prepare a dish using the ingredients that are available in the kitchen. She accepts the challenge and starts cooking. Agastya and his team watch her cook with interest.

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Imlie prepares a delicious dish using simple ingredients. Agastya is impressed with her cooking skills and he allows her to participate in the competition.

Imlie is overjoyed. She thanks Agastya for the opportunity and leaves his cabin.

Meanwhile, Sonali and her mother are discussing their plans to take over Chaudry Sweet’s. Sonali tells her mother that she has the right to the business as she is her father’s legitimate child and not illegitimate child like Agastya. Her mother agrees and tells her that they will have to prove that Agastya is not the rightful heir to the business.

Later that day, Imlie is at the bar with her friends. She is still fuming over Agastya’s rejection. Her friends taunt her and tell her that Agastya would hug her if she wants to. Imlie is angry and she tells them that she will prove to Agastya that she is worthy of his respect.

The episode ends with Imlie determined to win the super chef competition and prove herself to Agastya.

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