Imlie 10 September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10 September 2023 Written Update

Imlie 10 September 2023 Written Update

Here is the written update for Imlie 10 September 2023 Written Update:

  • Imlie sneaks into the Manchandas’ farmhouse and manages to get hold of Choti Imlie. She is about to leave when Anu sees her and tries to stop her. However, Imlie is able to escape with Choti Imlie.
  • Anu is furious and vows to get revenge on Imlie. She calls the police and reports Imlie for kidnapping. The police arrest Imlie and take her away.
  • Atharva and the Ranas arrive at the farmhouse and are shocked to see that Imlie is gone. They learn from the police that she has been arrested for kidnapping. Atharva is determined to get Imlie released and vows to fight for her.
  • Anu, on the other hand, is happy that Imlie is behind bars. She believes that this is the end of Imlie’s dreams of getting back Choti Imlie.

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Later, Anu pays a visit to Imlie in jail. She taunts Imlie and tells her that she will never be able to get back Choti Imlie. Imlie is determined to prove Anu wrong and vows to get back her daughter.

The episode ends with Imlie being taken away to court. It remains to be seen whether she will be able to get bail and get back Choti Imlie.

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